Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Wow, it has been a crazy two days. Traveling to Dubrovnik went pretty smooth, it just took a while! My first flight to Germany was a little over seven hours, with a two and a half layover there, then on and hour and a half flight here! I met up with two girls who live in the apartment above me and are hotel management majors. Our apartment is right on the water and is so cute! We got here around 2 in the afternoon I think. We were picked up at the airport by an ACMT student - he brought us to our apartment then showed us a little bit of town. The important places: grocery store, the bank, the bus stop, and a restaurant. Afterwards me and the girls  took a much needed shower, bought some groceries (aka a three bottles of wine and shampoo&conditioner) and headed out for dinner. We got back from dinner around 6 and I was ready for bed. Ended up going to sleep around 9 and just woke up now at 7:30 and feeling pretty good. I titled this post "first" because I had a few firsts in my 24ish hours here in Croatia:
 - flew to european country
 - ordered (and finished) a bottle of wine at dinner
 - and saw my first sunrise

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