Saturday, March 10, 2012

Power Naps

Exploring a new city > sleep. We have been going to bed really late and getting up early for meetings with our peer mentors at the school; so right around 3 in the afternoon we all fall asleep and wake up for dinner. Everyone is finally here! We have students in sketchbook, film and hospitality/hotel management. We all went to the police station to fill out paperwork on Thursday then went shopping in old town. We laid in the sun on the "beach" behind old town (which is really just lots of big rocks) and ate sandwiches. We asked our peer mentors Ana, Mariana, and Hanan about Dubrovnik's culture and history. They knew their stuff I was impressed! Afterwards we got some amazing gelato, I tried hazelnut. Then on Friday we had orientation at 9 in the morning at the school with Irena who is in charge of all the study abroad students. ACMT is only one building with around 400 students! We got a tour of it - its very nice but so small compared to what we are used to. Then we all slept most of the day after that because the last few days of drinking and jet lag really caught up to us. Last night I went to my first casino! Not really my thing but watching was still fun. On to the next day!
 I took a picture of the sandwich menu because my parents and I eat a lot of mortadella and that particular sandwich was called family! 

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