Saturday, March 17, 2012

"I don't know what she's saying?!"

Adding another first to the list: attending a concert that is not in english! The singer's name was Colonia (although online they refer to her as a dance group because she has two backup dancers?) and she was basically a Croatian Madonna. Well, she looked like Madonna but sang more techno. It's actually really fun going to a concert where you don't speak the language, the beat is really all that matters. Although you do feel a little out of place in a crowd where everyone is screaming the words. But it was super fun! Today is St. Patricks day so we're all heading to one of the irish pubs in a few hours. I've only been out and about for groceries today but no one is wearing green .. which just makes us look even more American! Also first week of classes were great, no homework yet. But I'll be gone every weekend on a different field trip for one of my four classes! A different town or city or country from here on out :) can't wait!

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