Sunday, April 1, 2012

Aphrodisiacs & The Walls of Ston

I can now add two more things on my "firsts" list: eating an oyster and walking the second longest wall in the world! The oyster basically tasted like a chewy, slimy version of the ocean; I wasn't a huge fan even though I ate three of them. Yesterday we drove to the town of Son and next to it Mali Ston to film a documentary on shellfish farmers. The town was small and pretty empty as far as people, but beautiful just like the rest of Croatia. The shellfish farmers tell us that life is good but hard, they work all day and night for six months just to be able to live stable lives for the following six. They were very open to being on camera and spoke a lot about the history that came with the family owned facility. After we finished filming we walked the great wall all the way over to Mali Ston. It was such a hike, my legs are sore! The weather got much more windy and cloudy when we made it over to the next town, luckily we only had a little more shooting left to do and it was mostly indoors. We met and interviewed the owner of the restaurant and ate dinner with lots of wine and coffee at the end. It was an amazing day.  I can't wait to start editing the footage and putting the piece together!

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  1. Sara, wow! I had no idea this wall existed! I can't wait to show the kids. I'm sorry it's taken so long to get my self to your blog... Just kept forgetting; every time I'd remember I was relaxing or driving and just couldn't look till now. Your pictures look amazing. What an absolutely wonderful experience! I wish I had taken the chance to go and experience such joys while I could. *sigh*. I see travel IMO future though! :)