Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Castle In Počitelj

We got back on the bus and left sweet Sarajevo around 10am on Sunday. This was my first dramamine experience: I took a little white pill... and woke up three hours later in the middle of no where Mostar for lunch. It kills me that I didn't bring my camera into the restaurant because this would be the first time I ever ate an ENTIRE fish (trout to be exact). And by entire I mean, it came on my plate as the whole fish and I had to pull all the meat from the bones and stare into its eyes while I did it! But to be completely honest it was the best fish I have ever had. If I wasn't so drowsy I probably would've remember my camera or at least my iPhone to document the experience. Anyways, about an hour on the bus after lunch and we arrived in Počitelj to meet our previous Mostar tour guide to show us this beautiful town. This was the first time I ever stepped foot in a Mosque, he taught us about the muslim religion and it was absolutely fascinating. Then we climbed to the top of of a castle tower where we felt like we could see the entire world! A bathroom break later we were back on the bus to Dubrovnik, about two and a half hours later and we were home. What a weekend.

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