Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mostar, BiH

We left for Mostar early in the morning (as most of our trips do) and arrived in the old city about two and a half hours later. We met our tour guide Salir who taught us all about how old this city was and all the thousands of people who have lived there. This city was under six different rules through out its years and so many people came and left their mark on the city that its very diverse. You can see a mosque, a Catholic church, a temple and a greek orthodox church all within this city! It was amazing. We had lunch then exchanged our Euros and Kunas into Marks and shopped! I bought a pair of sunglasses, two scarves and a dress! They have such beautiful linens there. Around 5 at night we got back on the bus and drove to Sarajevo, where we arrived around 9 to The Hotel Saraj.

 Nick purchased a third Reich era passport!

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