Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sarajevo You've Got Soul!

We arrived at The Hotel Saraj, ate dinner, ran around the second and third floors like little kids then passed out. We had a tour of the city with a guide at 9  Saturday morning; it was cold and raining. The tour guide was very nice and didn't take up too much of our time before we were free to roam around. It was an interesting mixture of a city: there were mosques, churches, a shopping center, the downtown local artist shops, clubs, bars, buildings still fallen from the war, stray dogs everywhere, buildings covered in bullet holes, and a huge white cemetery. Due to the war, all of the headstones had death dates within a span of five years from '91-'95. So long ago but still sounds so recent. The lunch we had in Sarajevo was the best so far - Bosnian food is basically anything under the sun... stuffed with meat and sometimes cheese. I love this country! We had the best baklava after too! We went back to the hotel for much needed naps, dinner, then headed out for the night. Soaked and cold to the bone we still  had fun at the club! It was a late night, but a good one.

 my little traveling pup! him and his pack followed me around all day!
The Hotel Saraj

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