Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Elaphite (aka deserted) Islands

Our second field trip for art history was to two of the three Elaphite Islands named Lopud and Koločep. My class took the ferry an hour over to these islands; this would be my second experience with dramamine. Now I was awake but felt like I was drunk and my eyes got all puffy! (made great conditions for climbing up a mountain) We looked at tons of old ruins and reconstructed churches and buildings. If I remember correctly Lopud only had a thousand people living on it - we were only there for an hour so which involved a hike up a ton of stairs, a fifteen minute talk, then the treck back down to the boat. We spent most of the afternoon on Koločep which only had four hundred people living there! This place was like a ghost town! Beautiful, but so small and it looked like it had been stuck in time years and years ago. The only people we saw were two guys on a tractor who drove back and forth down the one road to haul some sand. We saw restaurants none were open, we also saw a really cute fat dog but no owner. It was really strange, but the sun was out and thats all that mattered!

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