Sunday, April 22, 2012


Our trip to Korčula was one of the funnest and longest day trips we've had so far! We started off early in the morning with all the study abroad students stopping at the Raddisson Blu (a five start hotel in Europe but not so much in the states?) for a tour. After an 18 kuna white coffee we got back on the bus to head to Ston. This was the art students second time in Ston where we only had enough time to walk around and see the salt flats. Back onto the bus we continued to Matuško Winery for my first wine tasting ever! Next was lunch and then to the harbor to get on the boat to the island of Korčula! The boat ride was about fifteen minutes and by this time it was around three thirty in the afternoon. We were met by a really sweet tour guide who showed us everything from where she gave birth to her children (with no running water on the island) to where Marco Polo lived. We were let loose to run around and eat lunch until mass at 6 and then the procession which started at 8. The mass was literally two hours of singing and some kneeling. The procession was every single man and boy in the town walking in a white robe holding candles and/or crucifixes. It was beautiful and they were so nice about letting cameras in. I have decided that Korčula people are the nicest in the world.
 Matuško winery!

Marco Polos house!

 I named this little boy who changed my life "the face of Korčula"

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your memories and photos of Korcula Sara and what a lovely review of the island! The Good Friday procession is something quite special and so it's great you got to watch. Let's hope next time your in Korcula your stay will be a little more relaxed!